Friday, August 12, 2011

Well helloooooooo....

Helloo! Welcome to my little corner of the interwebz. 

I'm Alisha, I knit, I crochet, I sew, I coupon... I'm a Mom, a Sister, an Auntie and a friend. 

I'm a fledgling pattern designer, although so far the only one who has gotten anything designed for them has been my chihuahua. I figured I'd start small. lol

You can find me on Ravelry (alishaknits) and eventually I'll get around to twittering and facebooking too...but for now I've got my hands full. 

If you like one of my patterns and want to make it, please add it to your Ravelry projects or leave me a comment on the pattern post. I love seeing how things turn out!