Saturday, March 3, 2012

Lazy Day

I had big plans for today. I was going to CLEAN ALL THE THINGS and do ALL THE LAUNDRY and knit puffs, and finish the Big Cabled Bag of Doom.

I've not accomplished anything so far. I haven't given up on my plan...its just gotten postponed. Instead of cleaning and laundry and knitting I've been laying in bed and reading and listening to my five year old give her stuffed animals lessons on how to tell knock knock jokes. (Which is ZOMG so cute). I rarely get to just lay here on a saturday morning and do I'm going to take advantage. The cleaning and laundry will still be here after I finish this book...maybe it will just have to wait until tomorrow. :)


  1. Do your next post will be the knock knock jokes? Please?

  2. I'm going to get a video of her teaching Knock Knock jokes to the animals. I really need to.