Thursday, August 18, 2011

Resistance is Futile. You WILL KNIT THE PUFFS.

So the newest craze to sweep the knitting community... Hexapuffs.

Thanks to Tiny Owl Knits the whole world is knitting the puffs.

Allow me to explain.

These are cute little hexagon shaped stuffed puffs that once hooked together will form the BeeKeepers Quilt. Or, in my case, the wall o'puffs.

I'm not really the kind to decorate with paintings or flowers or whatever other knick knacks and such that most sane 29 year olds would decorate with. I decorate with yarn. I call it Yarn Bomb Home decor. I've been inspired to create a wall of puffs instead of the quilt.

So far I have one and a half puffs done. So basically I only have 498.5 puffs left. lol

Here is Puff numero Uno with the two bags of future puffs in the background.

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