Friday, August 26, 2011

Puffs, Purses and Pox...

Well my original claim to post something knitting  related every day... well that didnt' so much work out how I planned.
Lately life has gotten in the way.
I've managed to knit another puff...that brings my total to 2. *sigh* I planned to make at least one a day. Maybe next week I will?

I've added a couple more rows to my big cabled purse...but I really had hoped to have it finished and ready for the lining process by now. Oh well.

My 5 year old has the chicken pox. So far she doesn't seem to have it badly, so its just spots and a lowgrade fever at this point. I'm so glad she isn't itchy. I've heard so many horror stories about the scars that can come from the Pox.

Since I will be home for the next few days, I plan to make much more progress on all projects... so stay tuned for tomorrows progress post!

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